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Hello All


We need to get one of our new members of staff trained to Level 2 and another Level 3. The PLA have advised that the course they offer is full.


Any other suggestions? Have any of your staff carried out online study. If so is there anyone you can recommend?

I told the Manager I would have a look online, but just getting confused. She is going to ring the LA also to see what is available.


Thanks in advance


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Search for work based training providers for early educators, there are lots of training companies who come to your place of work once every month or so and the person completes the course while working. It now costs I believe 10% of the course as a payable fee but the rest can be covered usually by a student loan, if I remember right my recent level 3 sign up cost me £300 but can be paid by instalments if you wish.

Get the training providers to sell to you why you should go through their company don't think their doing you a favour it's other way round they need your buisness. They will sign up new starters at any point in the year also.

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We used Parenta a couple of years back, which was a Level 3 course. Can't say we were that impressed though. The student didn't feel that supported by the trainer and there were the odd misunderstandings about when work was due in etc. Trainer visited to do observations and collect verbal assignments, she was quite personable, but I would go down the same route again.

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We have used Parenta and YMCA in the past - set up as Foreveryoung says. It does require a reasonable amount of workplace support as it's necessary to make sure that learners are really understanding what they are doing - their contact with their mentor is not that frequent which means that unless you, as a workplace, are 'on the ball' a learner can go along a route thinking they are doing one thing for one reason, when in fact it is for completely different reasons. One example might be a learner who thinks that we are not interacting with children during heuristic play because we are having a break from playing with them, rather than understanding and applying different teaching, learning and observation strategies.

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