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delete or deactivate?


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Hello Skippy,


Deleting and deactivating children have different end results as follows:


Deactivating children means that the child's profile moves into the 'inactive' status and is still retrievable if necessary at a later date as you can still reactivate it (providing you have enough active spaces available on your Tapestry account).


Deleting children means that the child's profile will be removed from your Tapestry account within 90 days after you have marked them for deletion (and the child will move into the status of 'awaiting deletion'). This profile is still retrievable within this 90 day window before it becomes irretrievable.


In both cases, the children will no longer take up space on your account as an 'active' child.


More information about deactivating and deleting children can be found at the following tutorials:


Deactivating children


Deleting children


If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service@eyfs.info.

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