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Deactivating Children

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Deactivating Children

Sometimes you'll need to set a child as inactive and by doing so, you'll free up a space within Tapestry, but this does mean you will not be able to access the child's learning journal as it has been archived. You are however able to reinstate the child and their data in the future (assuming you have enough free child spaces). The main reason to use this option is if you expect the child to return to the setting at some point in the future, e.g. they are going away with a parent for several months, but you might also want to do it if you wanted an example of a completed journal for a cohort that is leaving.

You can also choose to delete children which this tutorial here will guide you through.
Please note that deactivating a child will have no effect on their relatives. If you would also like to deactivate a relative, this tutorial here explains this in further depth. Whilst this tutorial here shows you how to delete a relative.

This tutorial offers guidance on the following processes, which you may need to do at certain times of the year.

1. Making an Individual Child Inactive
2. Making Children Inactive in Bulk
3. How to view your Inactive Children


1. Making an Individual Child Inactive

After going to the control panel, click the 'Manage Children' tab (1) and you'll find yourself with a list of children. To make an individual child inactive you just need to click on the cog button at the end of the row of the child's name (2) and then select 'Make [Child's Name] inactive' (3).




Once you have clicked on (3), the page will then refresh and the child will become inactive.

2. Making Children Inactive in Bulk

It is also possible to make a group of children inactive on Tapestry.

After going to the control panel and 'Manage Children' section (1), please tick the boxes next to the child you wish to make inactive as indicated by (2). When you do this a pop-up box in the bottom right hand corner will appear, from the drop-down menu on there you just need to select 'Make inactive' (3) and press go (4).




It may also be that you'd like to make many children inactive and they are not all on the same page on the manage children section; you will be able to view all children by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the drop-down menu (1) to select 'All' from this menu (2). This means all children will now be displayed, which may make it quicker to make lots or all children inactive at once.


You'll then be able to select the specific children from the list by ticking the box next to their names or you may use the 'Select: All' which features at the top of the manage children list in order to select each and every child. You'll then be able to select the option of making them inactive.



You will then be taken to a page where you will be asked to confirm your action, by default the drop-down for each child will be set to 'Make inactive'. If that list is correct you can just select the 'Make Children Inactive' button (1). If a child is on that list that you don't want to make inactive you can click on the drop-down list and select 'Do Nothing' (2). To continue then you just need to select the 'Make Children Inactive' button (don't worry this just means submit, if you've selected 'do nothing' then that child won't be made inactive).



Once a child or children have been made inactive they will disappear from your list of active children. To reactivate them you just need to follow this tutorial here.


3. How to view your Inactive Children

In order to view your inactive children, you will need to change the filters on the Manage Children section of the Control Panel. You will need to change the filter for status (1) and select 'Inactive' (2), pressing 'Submit' (3).


A list of inactive children will then be displayed, with a label of 'Inactive' as indicated by the arrow.



If you would like further information about what this means, you can click this label and a pop-up will appear



If you need to reactivate the child/ren at all, then this tutorial here will guide you through the re-activation process.


Best wishes, Rebecca H


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