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Deactivating children


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This tutorial will show you how to deactivate children individually and in bulk.

There are various reasons you might want to deactivate a child's account, but the most important thing to bear in mind is that you will not be able to access the data of any inactive children unless you make them active again. You are able to export a PDF copy of their journal from their inactive status, though! For that you'd only have to find them in control panel > manage children > and click on the 'inactive' section across the top. You can then follow the steps in this tutorial

As it stands right now, inactive children have an advantage over awaiting deletion children; whilst awaiting deletion children will be permanently deleted from the account after 90 days, inactive children can be accessed and reactivated whenever you please. 

Whilst you can currently have as many inactive children on your account for as long as you wish, it is likely that we will introduce a cap on either the number of children you can have inactive at any given time or the amount of time a child can be left inactive in your account for.  We usually recommend that if a child is permanently leaving your setting, you delete them as they can be restored if required as long as it is within the restoration time frame. If a child is leaving but they might return, then we would suggest deactivating them.

We'll look at how to deactivate children individually first. To skip to the section on deactivating children in bulk click here.


Deactivating children individually

For this, you will have to navigate to the Control Panel from your profile's drop-down menu (1) and then select 'Manage Children' from the left-hand menu (2).

At the top of this page you can see how many enrolling, active, inactive and awaiting deletion children you have, as well as the total number of children and how many free enrolling and active child spaces you have on your account (3). By default you will see all children you but if you just want to see enrolling, active, inactive or awaiting deletion children, you can click on the appropriate button. 

You then just need to search for the corresponding child (4),  click on the cog by their profile (5) and select 'Make inactive' (6).





Deactivating children in bulk

You can deactivate as many children as you want in one go. If you are deactivating specific groups of children, such as cohorts for instance, you are able to filter by the specific group and then select them all.

If you do want to use the filter to search for certain groups, you will just need to navigate to the manage children screen as per the instructions above and then click on filter & sort:




These will be your filtering options:




You will then be able to select which children you'd like to make inactive by ticking the corresponding boxes (1), if you want to select all children at once you just need to change the select option to 'All' (2) in that page. Then just select 'Make inactive' (3) from the drop-down menu that will pop up at the bottom of the screen, and press 'Go' (4).




If you are going to be selecting them all and have more than 20 children to deactivate - which is the default number of children per page - you can first change how many profiles are displayed per page from the corresponding option at the bottom of the screen:






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