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Deleting Children

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Deleting Children

There are three obvious reasons you might want to delete children permanently from your Tapestry account:

• At the end of the academic year, when a whole cohort will leave your setting to begin reception or leave reception to begin year 1 etc
• A child is leaving to join another setting
• You have invented children to experiment with Tapestry and no longer need your fictional friends (if you have added fictional children during your trial)

With bullet point 2, it's worth bearing in mind that sometimes children will leave and then return, so consider whether you might want to make them inactive for a while rather than go down the permanent deletion route. If you would prefer to make them inactive, this tutorial here will guide you through this.

Making children inactive is a good way to remove the child from visibility in the drop down lists and in the analysis area, while retaining their records and content for possible future reactivation. However, it's not desirable as a long-term solution.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of deleting children and is divided up into the following sections.

1. Individual Child Deletion

2. Bulk Child Deletion
3. Explanation of the Process behind the Deletion
4. How to see Children who are Awaiting Deletion


1. Individual Child Deletion

To delete an individual child please go to the control panel from which you will need to click Manage Children' (1). Next to the child in question you wish to delete, click on the cog (2) and select (3) the option to delete.


A pop-up will then appear, informing you that the child will remain in this state for 90 days, during which point you may restore them (1). You will then need to confirm the deletion and click on (2); if you decide not to delete, then you can click on cancel or the 'x' at the top of the pop-up.


2. Bulk Child Deletion

This can also be carried out in bulk. To do this, please go to the manage children section (1) and tick the children you wish to delete (2). You will then need to select the option of delete in the menu (3) and press 'go' (4).



It may also be that you'd like to set lots of children for deletion and they are not all on the same page on the manage children section; you will be able to view all children by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the drop-down menu (1) to select 'All' from this menu (2). This means all children will now be displayed, which may make it quicker to make lots or all children inactive at once


You'll then be able to select the specific children from the list by ticking the box next to their names or you may use the 'Select: All' which features at the top of the manage children list in order to select each and every child. You'll then be able to select the option of setting them for deletion.

A pop-up will then appear informing you of the deletion and that they will remain in this state for 90 days, during which point you may restore them (1), which children will be set for deletion (2). You will then need to click on (3) to confirm the deletion or click cancel or the 'x' at the top of the pop-up.



3. The Deletion Process

Children enter a status of Awaiting Deletion for a period of 90 days during which point you may restore the children to active and regain access to their Learning Journal or to Inactive and archive the children's learning journals for access at a later date. Whilst in the status of Awaiting Deletion the children will no longer take up space on your account as active child and if relatives log into their Tapestry accounts, they will not be able to access the children's learning journals or download a PDF copy of the learning journal if one has been generated.

A countdown label will appear next to the child to indicate how much longer they have left in Awaiting Deletion. When the countdown of the 90 days reaches 1 day, you see the label informing you that Deletion will begin imminently. After which point they enter the status of Being Deleted. You will not be able to restore the children at this stage, rather you would need to contact us at customer.service@eyfs.info to see if we are able to restore the Learning Journal for you. If the child has been deleted for longer than a month after the 90 days, we will not be able to restore the child.

4. How to see Children who are Awaiting Deletion

When a child has been set for deletion, the child will go into a status called Awaiting Deletion and you'll be able to search for the children who are in this state. In order to do so, you will need to change your page filters for status (1) to Awaiting Deletion (2) and then click on 'Submit' (3).

You will then be taken to the following page which lists your children who are awaiting deletion. As indicated by the arrow, you will see a label which informs you of the countdown for children and how long they remain on your account as awaiting deletion before they enter Being Deleted.




You are also able to click on the countdown indicator (as indicated by the arrow above) and a pop-up will then appear informing you of when the child will no longer be restorable from and what effects the Awaiting Deletion status has on the child's profile.



If you decide later on that you do not want to delete the child or there is a change of circumstances, so long as it's within the 90 day period, you'll be able to restore them.

This tutorial here will guide you through restoring the child/ren.


Best wishes, Rebecca H


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