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DBS - who do you use?


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I need to get a new DBS done for a new menber of staff who will be joining, I contacted capita but they said as I only need 1, and I only employ 5, I would need to use someone else, can any of you recommend somewhere that does them? Is it simple?! And do I as employer do it or do I ask the new member of staff to directly do it herself? Inherited the other staff and haven't had to do this myself yet!

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry can't be too much help I use Capita.

I think my local authority offers the service you could try asking yours.


Capita have set me up with user names and passwords which I give new staff member. They can complete the DBS online at home. when complete they come to see me with ID as requested. I input details to Capita site and hey presto all complete and very easy.


Good luck

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Also use Capita, we rarely do more than 1 check at a time and don't remember ever being asked how many staff we have, we do the same as LK, we refund the payment but do have that the cost and any training expenses incurred will be deducted from final pay if leaving within 12 months.

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That isn't on I've heard of before, out of interest what do they charge Fy? I think Capita is £52, but may need to look elsewhere if Capita are getting choosy :-/

Errr think it's £52 and then the volunteer one is around £8 I will check that though! I left Capita a few years ago after an argument with them. It turns out when you submit your DBS it gets assigned to one person then it's their job to complete initial checks to send off to next stage, however if like in my case for a staff member waiting to start my allocated worker went on sick leave and this means the application stops! They can not access this persons work load and e mails so it sits there..... I was utterly fuming I could do another one but it would cost us again so we had to wait think it was about 3 or 4 weeks in total from submission to having initial checks completed by capita and so very unhelpful so needless to say I ran for the hills.


I really like Atlantic online site, easy to use, and if I need to question anything very helpful on phone. Yet to find a negative, oh and we have an account so put credit on of any amount and use as needed x

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