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Hiya, I just wondered if there was an update on the progress of the app that children can access their learning journal in the setting and at home? I know this was talked about and may have been mentioned recently but I don't come on here often do may have missed it.


Also thought it was worth showing my interest in the daily diaries and attendance registers, I've seen the daily diaries is being discussed at the moment, very excited by that! The attendance register would be really useful to have access to from the app if possible, or not sure if it would need to be a separate app with daily diaries? I used tadpoles for a while along side tapestry which was easy to use but stopped after the trial as I was waiting to see what happened with tapestry.


Really like all the changes to tapestry :) anything that makes our life easier is greatly appreciated ☺️

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Hi rascalschildcare,


I'm afraid there's not been any further development on a child mode so they can login to their profile yet but I've made a note to email you about it when that is ready to be beta tested in case you want to have a look :).

Thanks! The daily diary (we're calling it a care diary) is being worked on right now so hopefully that won't take too much longer! The register is high up on our list of things to do, but that isn't being worked on just yet. Would you like us to let you know about that too when it's ready?

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