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Hi everyone,


I'm new to your fantastic forum and would love a little advice.


Its coming up to the summer holidays and our numbers drop dramatically so we only have 3 members of staff in. Myself, my deputy and a member of staff.
One of my summer staff wants to go on holidays and the deputy manager said we can do with just two. I think it would be better to have 3 in case of emergencies, lunch cover, and the fact we have a boy who can have epileptic fits (he's only had 1 in a year but still quite worrying) and needs two staff with him when it happens.


Am I correct in my thinking? My deputy has a lot of weight with the owner of the nursery and she can sometimes manipulate the owner into thinking her own way.


Thanks guys.



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Hello and welcome - hope to read lots of posts from you in the future :1b


You can work with just two staff as long as you remain in ratio - that said, I would find that far from comfortable particularly in light of your little boy with epilepsy.........


not sure that I have helped at all really - sorry

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Yes, you could work with 2 staff but I would explain to owner why you feel it necessary to have 3 staff - back this up by saying about medical need of child if he fits -also only 2 staff and he fits what do other children do -what if they need the toilet/ nappy change /fall over etc -alternatively what if you are dealing with one of these and he starts to fit?

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You are all awesome.

I talked to the child's key person who's worked with him and his mother really closely and she agrees with me about the extra care so am going to make sure we have an extra person; we have enough jobs to do around the nursery for extra hands to be busy.

Thank you for all the help.
I'm still unsure with some things so will probably ask a lot more questions.

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