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As we approach the end of year I have a few questions re: journal downloads.


1. Once a journal is downloaded do all the observations remain on tapestry? Will I still be able to see everything from the year? I would like our Nursery to allow parents to download a journal for the end of year and then transfer all their children to us for Reception.


2. Can the nursery transfer all their parents, observations etc to us at the end of the year or is it best to start again?

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Once you have exported a journal as a PDF, the observations still remain on Tapestry until and unless you deactivate/delete the child's profile. You can keep the profiles active until you have transferred them your Reception class package.


When performing a transfer, the relatives profiles will also be transferred along with the child's, if you tick the box next to 'Include relatives' on the start transfer page.


At the moment the relatives appear as 'inactive' by default after the transfer, therefore it is important to ensure that the relatives are made 'active' after the transfer is complete, rather than adding a new relative profile.


Please do refer to our helpful tutorials page regarding generating end of year journals and transferring children to new Tapestry packages!

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Hi Nkatene,


Hopefully you've seen our replies to your other posts about this now, but just in case you haven't, you can log into either eylj.org or tapestryjournal.com. We would recommend you use the latter of the two though and will be updating our documentation to reflect that shortly :)

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I did my first transfer to a school yesterday...so pleased with myself I can't tell you!!! ...made equally pleasing by the receiving setting being as excited as I was!!!! ::1a ::1a ::1a

Sorry for replying on your port nkatene ...couldn't help myself!

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