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Using rosemary to enhance memory


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There have been a number of articles recently about how rosemary (the herb) can aid memory. It's exam season in the world of education and so it's particularly pertinent.

I wonder have any of you lovely members used aromas in your settings to enhance learning or to create mood?

The question that sprung to my mind is whether the effects wear off once your brain gets used to the smell? Do you have to have ever more concentrated aroma? Anyone got any ideas?

Exam revision students 'should smell rosemary for memory'

What does rosemary do to your brain?

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I remember wearing a sprig of rosemary when I did my A levels and that's hmm a very long time ago.

It's a long established link to memory, (it's even mentioned in Hamlet)and yes I used to put rosemary in my playdough occasionally.

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Not used rosemary, but did use lavender in playdough and water play, it definitely calmed everyone down.. I had one staff member who went to sleep whenever it was around so had to avoid those days she was working.. she just could not stay awake.

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