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Parent signing in snd out of school club


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Hi I offer breakfast and afterschool care (when nursery is not in use)

As children arrive & leave at anytime I ask parents to sign in and sign out.

I have one parent who has suggested that there is no need for this.

What do other clubs do and why?

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Well that's what I thought also.

However I have been questioned by a mum who says why should she. I have explained that it was signing over responsibility but I want to make sure.

Does anyone do anything differently?

I don't ask parents to sign in for nursery but they all come in at same time.


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Insist they sign in..................it is also your proof that the child was there and for what hours. i had a parent insist her child didn't come on particular days, and she only backed down with the signing in sheet waggled in front of her

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no chance of getting parents to sign ours in...we collect from school so don't see the parents (often ever!) unless it is after session.

we do a register of course for H&S


for breakfast club we ask parents to sign in. then take children to school. But as children are lined up we do a (discreet) roll call to make sure that the children who came in do get to school. (and they do not stay for the nursery session).

When we go to pick children up from school we do the reverse - a roll call and then ask parents to sign the children out when they take them home.


For the nursery we have an electronic register. But I am reluctant to use it for afterschool because it does not demonstrate the parent handing over the responsibility.


Thank you for your advice . Such a useful service.

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