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Hi everyone


Long time since I've posted anything on here!


But please I need a quick answer about fees.


Can you charge more per hour in fees for anyone not using grant funding?


Many thanks




yes if we couldn't then a lot more groups would have closed. You can charge for anything outside of the funding - my fees are about £2. more per hour outside of the funding rate

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This is a much debated topic and many are asking this same question. This new "30 hours" as raised many questions. You might have read the model agreement that LA's are using to formulate their agreements with us providers. It looks scary but it is basically a recommended guidance that is best practice in their opinion. The problem is: for us to get "best practice" it is wise to follow their advise :( - and this is when it does become scary!


So to answer your question, charging parents who do not benefit from childcare funding, then that is your business and you can charge whatever you like.. your LA nor the Government have no say in your private business.


When it comes to children who are entitled to the benefit of funding.. it is a separate matter :( and one that is sparking a lot of debate!

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