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Snapshot colour coding and age band tracker


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We are just beginning to use the snap shot and analysis sections and are trying to understand them.


​We are finding the colour coding on the snap shot screen a bit tricky with the default colour coding as it is measuring whether children are below, at or above their actual age. As a school we have determined an emerging/expected/exceeding level for the whole cohort at each assessment point ,and use this as a guide and we would like to be able to reflect this on the snapshot screen by being able to link the colours to the age bands and refinements ourselves.

For example, on entry to reception we say children who are 30-50S/40-60 E are at the expected level. If they are above or below this then we look at intervention for them. So I would like to set this screen to show 'green' if they are assessed at this level, to show 'pink' if below, and 'blue' if they are above. Obviously the 'expected' level moves at each of our assessment point, so I would like the option to control the colour coding for each snapshot we do.


​I know the age band tracker purely reflects age bands and refinements (not taking account age) and we use this screen to show SLT. We used to do a paper version very like this. However as the data that populates it can only be modified in the snapshot area, we have to use this and it is off putting seeing children being 'green' because they are summer born and within age band, when by our judgment they are children we need to flag up.



​I hope this makes some kind of sense.


​The other option is to have more control in the age band tracker screen- so you can move children about there rather than having to go back into snapshots to do it.


​Anyway, that's my wish for future development!


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Hi Firthmanor,

Thanks for posting here and for the conversation we had as part of a support ticket!

Just so everyone reading this knows where we are, we're going to have a think about a screen that will be more helpful than snapshots for reception classes. At the moment we're thinking something that shows children are aiming for:

30-50 secure/ 40-60 emerging when they join the reception class

40-60 developing at the end of December
40-60 secure at the end of March

ELG met at the end of June


If you or anyone else reading this has any further suggestions for what you'd like to see or how you'd like to see this, please do post here!

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This would be very useful for monitoring progress in Reception, but could it possibly be taken a step further: our performance targets & reports to governors are based on how many steps progress the children have made in the year rather than progress in months based on their chronological age.

ie 40-60E in Autumn to ELG E in June = 3 steps progress


Also our expectations (ideally!) are:

40-60S - Dec

ELG S - March

Working within ELG+ - June

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Hi Wadeyfs,

Yes, adding a screen showing steps progress is something else we really want to add to Tapestry. Work on that hasn't started yet, but it's definitely high up on our to do list!

Okay, thank you for the input! It's good to know that yours differ a little bit. If the children weren't to reach the attainment points you mentioned, would you see them as actively being behind? So you would like them to show up as red if they were still 40-60S in March?

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