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now im not rreally answering your question here but would it not be possible to use one of your existing team and just employ an assisteat on a temporary contracts? Would this not be an easier solution for all involved including the child? that way the new employee is not trying to grapple with learning the ways of the setting and trying to get to the complexities of this childs needs?

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I agree with finsleymaid - the child would already be familiar with the staff member and using a staff member you have already means they know how you work etc.,

if you want to take on someone to work with the child maybe something along the lines -

Can you give examples of your experience of working with children with SEN?

How would you work effectively with an SEN child's parents?

Why do you think keeping regular written records is important when working with a child with SEN?

What qualities do you have that makes you a good SEN support for a child?

What kind of challenges do you think you may encounter doing this role?

also maybe ask about behaviour management

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