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Food Hygiene in catering Level 2 Training


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Dear all,

Can anyone tell me whether all members of staff need this training to serve snacks? We have so far trained everyone but the team is growing and this can become quite expensive.


Please highlight any document where I can find this information clarified


Many thanks for now


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In group provision, all staff involved in preparing and handling food must receive training in food hygiene


This is taken from the statutory framework page 26 section 3:48


I always thought it was a bit much to be honest just for serving fruit & toast, but then I suppose if you are doing cooking with the children ...

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It doesn't say accredited training - I think if the main people are trained and receive accreditation then they can sensibly 'train' their colleagues in appropriate methods. I think it would be different if you were cooking with children and needed to consider how to stock a fridge properly and how to prepare different kinds of foods safely. If you are talking about sharing fruit and dry snacks I don't think it's unreasonable to receive in-house training about good hygiene and allergies etc.

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We only have one staff member 'formally' trained.......but wouldn't dare to presume that is the correct procedure.....


Before I got involved in Early Years I worked in 'hospitality' - would that count d'you think? :rolleyes: :lol:


Actually - if anyone could link to any online training - I could that to the half-term TDL.........

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Mrs O told us that a staff member who has received formal (on line) training can cascade to rest of staff - we have created a booklet that all staff read and sign. The booklet is then kept up to date by those who access the training.

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