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Planning in Reception


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Welcome to the forum.

This is one of those topics that is discussed quite a bit, and I imagine that all those who have looked at your post were hoping that you were sharing, rather than asking :)


Have you tried a forum search in the top right hand corner? You may find an abundance of ideas. If you struggle with that, come back and I'll see what I can find for you. I too was in Preschool, so not directly much help. But I would have thought that it's one of those things that is 'do what works best for you'. I often found when I spent my weekends planning, that it would be a waste of time by Wednesday as we had gone off on a tangent. It was good to have it to fall back on though, when everything waned a bit.

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One answer to this question would be what is the policy of your school - but if you are looking to change something then I think you have to consider the following questions:


How are you delivering the literacy (including phonics) and maths? Do you have daily lessons or are you more flexible? Personally I feel that if you are planning adult led learning then you need some degree of planning to guide you towards your planned outcomes and as a minimum I would say a weekly plan. Plans can be changed and adapted, they are a working document and not tablets of stone.


The way you embed maths into your routine provision is part of your long term plan but you should also be thinking aboout how you will enhance different areas for mathematical opportunity too and this would be part of the planning/thinking you need to capture.


Ultimately there is no right or wrong way - it's down to each setting to decide what works for them and has the best impact on your teaching and learning!!



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Hi - I am in year 1 but the same happens in reception. We follow Hamilton Education for English - most of which is usable but I some of the lessons are a bit much for some of my children. For maths we use white rose hub which has long and short term plans which I use to plan. I generally plan in 2 week blocks as that fits well with the schemes and annotate planning as I go.

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Catma is right, it is what works for you, your children and, of course, your school/SLT.

I've been on courses that say you really should plan daily based on child's interests, but that is not always practical or, indeed, supported by SLT. Weekly planning works fine if you are flexible around it; there is always more than one way to reach an outcome!


Also, you have to consider what sort of planning you are referring too. Different schools have different demands (and different teachers need/want different plans too) so you may find that some of your planning can be weekly or longer, and other bits can be daily or every few days.

Personally I have planning which has to be done termly a term in advance (fighting this) and then broken down into weeks as well, all at least half a term before the term begins. However I am exceptionally flexible in this and change it considerably as time goes on. Also, despite this requirement from SLT the actual amount of planning they need is very minimal so this also supports following children's interests regularly as I don't have a requirement to document it and can re-plan mid way through a lesson/day as needed.

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