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Suggestions on how children can share their ideas for improvement?


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Hi Everyone,


I would really welcome any ideas or suggestions to help me improve my setting.


I am a childminder who has recently had their first inspection.


The inspector identified two areas for improvement one of which was:


The childminder has not fully extended opportunities for children to share their views and contribute to identifying areas for improvement at the setting.


All my play is based on the children's interests and although some are too young to verbalise their ideas I plan learning around their interests and also buy new resources to reflect this.

From observing their play I am able to identify areas that need improving or adding to.


I ask the children what they would like to do? where they would like to go the next day or week and also add this into my plans (my planning is fairly basic as I don't need to share it with anyone, it's mostly in my head).


I had thought of something along the lines of a 'wish tree' maybe a little star or leaf for each child and ask them how we could improve the setting, however I think this would just result in them saying "I'd like a new train set etc" I'm not sure I feel this is quite the approach I want to take.


I am sure there are loads of brilliant ideas out there but my mind is blank on this one!


Thank you, loo

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We have little slips of paper with, 'what did I l really enjoy today', 'what didn't I enjoy' and 'what would I like' which we encourage the parents to complete with their child...


Once a parent actually sent one back completed! :lol: :lol: :lol:


To be honest this endless need for paperwork, questionnaires, feedback on feedback etc drives me to distraction. :huh:


You only need to look at the children- and I mean really look engage and listen.......... you can soon tell if they're happy or not!

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Hi Louby Loo,


Thank you for your reply,


It's really hard, it is just that - lots more paperwork and documentation, which I would love to avoid


Perhaps I could put something similar to what you suggested on Tapestry - maybe a question at the end of the week asking parents to respond, suggesting what the children said they enjoyed or didn't enjoy? But then again I could just ask the children that question myself! but that means writing it all down again!


It's so difficult.

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could you ask the questions as you play then write it down as part of an observation?

we do plan, do and review - ask the children what they are going to do today at the beginning of the day - near the end we would ask the children what they did today - did they do what they said they would - what happened,why did they enjoy it - why , why not, how could it be made better?

you might be able to just put a note in a text book each day -not sure how it works for childminders but we used to just write a note in a book saying exactly what the children said/felt etc., and by adding their ideas t our planning it showed we had listened and adjusted accordingly.

also perhaps write down a bit more(not crazily but just to prove you have listened/asked) -if it is in your head - ofsted are "we need to see evidence"

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How about then - a sticker wall, or magnetic wall chart, you could write some of the activities across the top and a child could stick a smiley face under the things they really enjoyed take a photo every now and then. When you think about improving the setting from a child's point of view - it may be as simple as - more time in the garden rather than resources such as trainsets. or more choice of recyclable materials to make models with, just record on your planning simply on your planning each week what you added/changed and it was because the children asked

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ohhhh I like this idea panders and it made me think of those supermarkets that hand you a token and you have to drop it in the charity of your choosing, could make something similar for maybe out of these 3 or 4 things (with pic to show what it was) which have they enjoyed most, or a out of these 3/4 enhancements to an area which would you like next week type thing...also a bit of democracy and individual liberty thrown in, and who doesn't like posting something in a box :-)

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