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Research project on quality assurance


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A student engaged in her Master's research around quality assurance would really appreciate some answers to these questions:

For Personal Information: exploring work experience and current responsibilities
1) Gender, position, type of contract
2) How many years have you been working in education sector?
3) How do you manage the quality of teaching as a school head teacher / inspector?
For the research focus:
1) What do you understand by quality assurance? What quality assurance mechanisms
are used in case of your school? Who is involved? How is it organised? Could you
tell me about your experience?
2) What is the main purpose of using quality assurance mechanisms at schools?
3) Have you noticed significant improvement in the performance of students on their
examination and national tests after any OFSTED inspection?
4) In Turkey, the way OFSTED works is considered as ‘best practice’ in terms of quality
assurance. What do you think about OFSTED inspections? Do you think OFSTED
inspections affect school improvement as it is claimed to do so?
5) What are the pros and cons of the existing external quality assurance mechanisms?
What improvements or reforms, if any, do you think could be made to the existing
Thank you for your collaboration.
Yours sincerely.



Thanks everyone! If you'd like to either discuss them here or PM Melek with your answers, we would really appreciate it :1b

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Hi Helen. I missed this. As it mentions schools, exams, headteachers etc, is this aimed just at those currently working in schools? In which case I'm sure a few might be on holiday now.

Is there a deadline?

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Hi everyone,

I know there would not be such an inappropriate time to ask inspectors / headteachers / school governors to participate a research but the delay was not my fault.

You do not have to be currently working as those positions but if you are experienced, that also works for me. I have to conduct either face to face or telephone interviews but your answers on this page also fine. If you are interested please PM me. I will really appreciate it. Since my deadline is on 20th August <_<


Thank you very much and enjoy your holiday :wub:

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