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I am the leader of a charity run pre school, we have a new committee with the wife as chair and husband as treasurer.

They appear to be running it as a directorship not committee, ' I'm all for committee but ' to quote a recent email comment.

The decisions made so far haven't been great, we have changed accountant to save money however a member of the pre school team who is working with us after running her own pre school is having to train them how to do the wages. She has rushed a decision through via email/text/Facebook, with only her own views,on putting somebody else's logo on the children's tops as they want to give us £160 a year but want something in return.

She also seems to be crediting other people's fundraising to herself when in fact she has done very little fundraising since March.

Can you give me some advice on whether I am being too sensitive and over reacting or should I say something at the next committee meeting and if so how.

My worry is without the committee having a say how do we know the right decisions are being made.

Also can they both vote on their own proposals ?

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