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If someone has an NVQ2 in Early Years Care & Education gained in 2006 but has since not worked in childcare would you take that as a full & valid qualification?


I cant find anything about being out of the workforce for that long

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I would say yes, in theory, but would think very carefully about the amount of training and cpd that would be required to bring that persons knowledge up to date. You would have to factor in the expense and time.

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Yes but cannot find anything about the length of absence from the job.


However I interviewed today and quite frankly someone who has no qualifications shone head and shoulders above the rest. No experience either but had obviously done her homework and preparation for the interview. She told me more about the EYFS and what she felt a keyworkers role was than the lady with the qualification and so enthusiastic as well.


During her interview I had one lady ask what the job description and role would actually entail, when I said didn't you get the paperwork I emailed, she made some half hearted excuse about deleting emails without reading through them as she gets 1000's of emails! It was embarrassing as it had all been sent with application form and she obviously hadnt bothered to read through the stuff properly.

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Have you thought about or looked into the apprenticeship route for this candidate? You could qualify for a grant. There are many training providers who could help. I would suggest that you contact local settings to find out which providers offer the best service.

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We have had many successful apprenticeships over the years who are now all fully qualified, excellent practitioners. It would be a very cost effective route to take and would really benefit your new member of staff's knowledge. Require at least GCSE C's in Maths and English to complete a Level 3.


You may also get a sum of money from the learning provider to take on an apprentice, so look out for these deals.


The only negative thing about Apprenticeships, in my opinion, is that they can be difficult to "get rid of" if you find they are not up for the job! They are extremely protected once employed. A good thing some people say...

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