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I have finally bought the pre-school I currently manage and Ofsted contacted me today to arrange the re-registration visit - panic!!! - Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I have the handbook and I am making sure I have covered everything but if anyone has been through this recently I would love to hear your comments.

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It's been 2 years since my registration so not sure if it's different. The inspector had a (very) quick tour of the nursery, (the previous owner was being awkward and didn't want us there!) and then we went back to my house where she checked any certificates i had, asked me a few easy questions and asked about anything i would change at the nursery, we mainly discussed some things that were obviously unsafe, like the door not locked, full glass in one door, not safety glass. Think she just wanted to know if i had spotted those things too. Can't really remember what she asked me apart from asking if i knew what the 3 main areas in the EYFS were, which i went blank and asked if i could look in the book!! She let me off luckily!

Don't panic, you have already been running the place and know exactly how it runs. Good luck.

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If you are managing your now purchased nursery, you will know how everything is run.. so just continue how you are, if all is running smoothly? Your registration visit will be pretty much like an Ofsted visit, in the fact you will need to be graded Good to "open" or in your case continue.


I don't see much difference..

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There will be questions about all the EYR age groups - (because potentially you could take any child within the age band, assuming your facilities were suitable). If you don't have all ages at the moment make sure you can talk about how you would implement EYFS to all ages.

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