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I need to run this past you...

Our manager has been signed off sick for 6 weeks. Thats come to an end and now she can come back on light duties but, she has an operation scheduled for the 17th June and another one for the 10th July both of which she says will need a week to recover from.


She has constantly moaned at not being able to come into work so I suspect some badgering of the doc has been going on to come back now and I suspect she'll push herself to come back after only a weeks recovery when more might possibly be needed.


She's been on SSP for 6 weeks, but what happens now? Does she go back onto wages? How does it work knowing shes got more time off coming up?

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I don't know if this is right...but I would say she goes back onto normal wages for the time she is back at work, then when she qualifies for SSP again, she is back on that. If she is only taking a week for each op, she won't qualify for SSP for very long and will be back on normal wages in between the two ops.

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I think that when she goes off again she'll go straight onto SSP without the waiting days. You don't have the waiting days if you've been receiving SSP in the previous 8 weeks

Then the same thing will happen again in July - the sick period will link back to the previous one. Try the HMRC web site

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from HMRC

Linked periods of sickness

If your employee has regular periods of sickness, they may count as ‘linked’. To be linked, the periods must:

  • qualify for SSP by lasting 4 or more days each
  • be 8 weeks or less apart

Paid when working ssp when signed off.. either by self certification or Dr.

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