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Ofsted experience - questionnaire results


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You can also access it directly via the Resources tab at the top of the Forum. it's in Leadership and Management 2016, it's the first item you come to. Good luck - I'll keep an eye out to make sure you're all able to get it!

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This document nearly caused a riot at today's staff meeting :ph34r:


I had downloaded and provided staff with their own copy over a week ago - with a request that they took some time to read through ready for discussion at staff meeting......


So at said meeting:


Me: Did you find time to have a good look at this?


Staff: Yes


Me: Was there anything that 'jumped out' at you?


Staff: No


Me: Really how can it be then that I have two sides of written notes to discuss!


Honestly I pride myself on being patient but that really 'took the biscuit'

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Shall I frown at them? :angry:

Oh yes please - it really wasn't the note that I wanted to end on today - as we start half-term..........


Have been thinking about it this afternoon - whilst I was busy following my lawn mower up and down and have come to the conclusion that perhaps I am too patient - perhaps if they thought 'she's going to want some answers' they might behave differently - I really don't know :blink:

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