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ofsted and tapestry versus target tracker

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Hello All,


We have just started using Tapestry and it seems that it provides a good level of data but is it enough to render our use of Target Tracker unnecessary? We are a nursery school and have always had to have Target Tracker to provide the level of data that Ofsted require.


Thanks for reading

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I am assumming Target Tracker is some sort of software for tracking progress? Sorry I'm not familar with it


What level of data do you think Ofsted require? At our last inspection (last Dec) they asked us how we tracked and seemed quite satisfied with what we were doing. However if you are a maintained school nursry then you are almost certainly having to follow regulations that as a PVI, we dont.

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It's not the system you have, it's the effective use you make of the information it gives you to inform your teaching that Ofsted will consider - they don't care what you have. It's not their business to know how every system available works!


Whichever system you have you just need to have a good link between how you use your assessment data and the impact you have on learning over time.


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Thank you lynned and catma,


Yes, I undersand that it's not the system you use as there many different ones but at the moment our Head is asking us to keep both going because Ofsted will want to see the data produced by Target Tracker. We have only just started using Tapestry but I think most if not all the data could be gathered by Tapestry oherwise what's the point of having a system that gathers data if it doesn't do what Ofsted require? Just don't want to be doubling my work load if I don't need to. Was hoping that someone with experience of Tapestry and Ofsted might read this. Thanks

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