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We are new to Tapestry, and we are currently trying to figure out how to ensure we are meeting all the criteria. So for example we have linked CL, Understanding: Understands complex sentences 22-36 months. If i carry out another observation on this particular child, how can i make sure i am not linking it to the same area again.


Thanks in advance.


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Hello Debbie, and welcome to the forum.


I'm not quite sure why you are anxious not to use the same statement again. Surely you are consolidating your knowledge of the child's abilities? In your old pre-Tapestry observations, did you only see something once and then not record it on subsequent obs?


Every half term I looked at the 'snapshot' tab for each child to see how they were progressing through the AOL, and this flagged up any missed bits, or areas that weren't being 'moved on'. Then the next observation I did I would look at the higher statements to see if the child was beginning to emerge in the higher band. If not, then there was obviously no need to repeat an observation in an area I felt the child was secure.


I hope that makes sense.

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