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Hi all

Can anyone help me with some ideas... My children have decided to set the role play corner as a book factory. This has so far got lots of them writing who otherwise wouldn't. However I'm stuck on how to take it further. We have organised a trip to the library and an author is coming in but stuck with other activities that we can do


Hope someone has some ideas

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Could you explore different joining techniques (which you may have done already.)

What about bringing some maths into it? Set a price depending on how many pages/weight of the book?

Could they make books for babies - explore different textures?

Find out how paper is made? Or visit a recycling centre?

I'll keep thinking

Green Hippo x

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We have sent books home before with a small pad and asked parents to read story at home, jot down any comments the child makes and also to take a photo. We made a display of sharing stories at home with speech bubbles depicting what each child said whilst sharing the story - perhaps you could make your own "book" in your book factory with a page for each child? We had some fantastic photos of all sorts and we did receive very positive feedback from this activity too!


You could also perhaps introduce the children to talking books, braille perhaps?

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Along with making books using all sorts of shapes and sizes, how about some sort of categorization system which they can see when they visit the library..some great maths there thinking about what categories and how to number them, writing up their classifications etc.


Wish I was there.....

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I have a couple ideas but I'm not sure on age-appropriateness so see what you think/if any ideas can used:

Step 1: collect damaged children's books (whatever condition; worse is better or step 2 is sacrilege). This could be from your setting, parents/carers, libraries, charity shops, second-hand book shops etc.

Step 2: take them apart so you only have single pages

Step 3: mix up all your pages from all your books

Now you could use them for some activities:

  • Laminate some and use as play dough mats or similar
  • Use for cutting and/or sticking
  • Children can connect pages together somehow (maybe hole punch and use tags?) to create 'new' books
  • Place pages in your mark-making area or similar as provocations for mark-making
  • Simply use pages as displays inside and out. Single/damaged pages all over the role-play corner would make it very book factory-like, maybe
  • Stick pictures of characters to card/wood/anything really for use as small world 'dolls' or puppets

I don't know it just sounded interesting in my head with the whole setting being a 'book factory' :)

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