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Prevent Duty - Outrage as school calls police...


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The Prevent Duty is in full force if this latest article is to be believed:



We all know the express is very pro-ukip - so there will be some biased reporting here, i wanted to make this clear before i start to ramble.


So the outline of the story is this: A pupil looked at a UKIP website as part of his research during a school class activity. A teacher then caught pupil on UKIP website and reported him to the police. The Prevent Duty "specialist" team got involved and are treating this as extremism.


So is this extremism, and his this pupil being radicalized? He apparently also visited the EDL website for research earlier in the year, it is reported.


Now i would like to state, that i have mentioned this Prevent Duty would play a wider role. I put it to you that the Government are afraid of any group that does not "fall in line" with their agendas. They are scared that the younger generation will not be as easy to control. They are already losing control and many, many, people are realising they are simply taking us all for fools.


Yes we need rules and children should follow them. These rules should also allow free thought and free speech. Cameron himself raised alarm bells for me when calling Corbyn's dress sense. He ridiculed it.. when this is something i thought he was trying to stop! He should set a better example!

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Well I would say it was'nt extremism - but taking an interest in our bonkers political parties!


Talking of bonkers.....did anyone yell at Dave " what about our the Fundimental British Values!! Mutual Respect and Tolerance eh?

another case of - don't do as I do, do as i say!

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Yes there may well be more to it.. but the quotes given are usually accurate otherwise the newspaper would be open to a Libel charge.


At the end of the day, these laws, well Acts, are created to further control people. They manage to get these Acts passed using a play on words or in this case, with the Prevent Duty, using Terrorism as the excuse.


The easiest example i can give is the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_Liberation_Act


Although an American Act, it is the same principle - it is now proven to untrue and the "weapons of mass destruction" to be unfounded. In actual fact many people believe War crimes had been committed. The point is, that it all starts with putting these acts into place.


Once these Acts are passed.. they can be used in the future to support any other actions.. in this case a War.. and a war that we now understand should have been avoided and the results of the war have actually contributed to the rise of many "extremist" groups we now face today! (According to the media)


So this Prevent Duty Act Will no doubt surface in the future and be used to support more actions our government want to carry out.


In this news report it is being used to "snoop" on any person or any organisation it chooses, even ones that show signs of supporting a political organisation that opposes the current governments policies or actions. Freedom of speech and thought is not allowed!


I understand this post will be pointless to many readers but i hope i can convince just a few people to realise we are being manipulated and controlled by the people we pay our taxes to, and whom get paid to do a job, by the tax payers. This job should be to keep people safe and healthy but instead they are looking after themselves, at our expense!


What can we do about this? That is the biggest question!

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