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Ideas for key person display


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Do you mean what a Key Person does for a child? So photos of a Key Person helping a child etc. with a central overall piece of writing explaining the role?


I wish I could upload this, but anyway, in each Key Child's learning journey I put a page explaining a Key Person's role and who the KP is for that child, I can't remember where I got the page from, but I photocopy it and put it in each folder


Its like a mind map, so in the middle there is a box which says Key Person, and surrounding that are 8 more boxes with expressions such as, Develops secure trusting relationships with children and parents, another says provides a secure base for their key children to support their exploration away from them. Is physically and emotionally available to their key children. Provides eye contact body language and sensitive voice to let children know they are interested. Responds sensitively to children's feelings, ideas and behaviour. Meet's children's care, learning and development needs. Settles new children in gradually, helps them become familiar with the setting and supports their arrival and departure each day. Has more contact than others with the child and is a point of contact for parents.

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i am just about to start this - i have photo of each key person and each key child.

i will place photo of key person at the top of large piece of card then below a photo of each child with their name.

each child will then be asked to draw a picture of themselves and that will go alongside their photo - and will ask the child to draw themselves again at beginning of the summer term and place this alongside the photo and previous drawing so we can see how they have developed.

hope that makes sense?

might even get key person to draw themselves too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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