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Im sorry everyone i came in on the convos late is there a new SEF for preschools and Nurseries I've nearly finished writing the SEF for my setting and now I'm reading your threads I've realised its the old one.


Will ofsted still accept it??

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Hi, yes the SEF isn't statutory I think they just want to see that you have a document of some description that shows how you are working towards improving your provision, it's good to show the changes you've made and the impact they have had as well as where you're going, involve as many of your stakeholders views as possible. If you are going to add it online you will be able to add what you have into the relevant sections (you can copy/paste using control c/v) or if you already have the old version online when you log in to your SEF it will have automatically been moved around to new headings ....so don't worry about it :-)

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I have taken on a role of a manager in a pre school setting.


I have to complete a SEF also.

Myquestions are where would I find the new version. Also would someone share a SEF with me to give me ideas what to do.


Thanks :1b

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My advice would be to look at the Inspection Handbook and look at the descriptors for the different judgements at the end of the book pgs 30 - 45. Inspectors have told us that SEFs that have been grouped into bullet points using the descriptor headings make their life much easier.

There is no set way to evaluate your provision - the requirement is that you are evaluating and making improvements according to what you find. Some settings have an ongoing development plan which details their reflection and evaluation of provision. other use the SEF and update it regularly to reflect changes and improvements.

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