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We had some little mushrooms growing in our nursery garden before Christmas and were just picking them and throwing them away as part of our daily risk assessment/safety checks.

Now we're back, there are loads of them, possibly made worse by the mild, wet weather. There are too many to just pick. Does anyone know of anything I can put on them to get rid of them and/or prevent them that would be safe? Our garden is made up of bark chips, decking and grass.

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Without knowing your garden, I suspect they are feeding off your bark as it breaks down.

You can't do an awful lot about the weather, but mushrooms do like it a bit darker so is there anything you can do to lighten up the area eg by cutting back trees for example? Aerating the area might also help, especially if the wetter weather has compacted the offending areas.

A fungicide may kill off your mushrooms but won't get to the spores, so unless you get rid of the growing conditions they will come back.


Continual removal will prevent them spreading spores to other places.


If your mushrooms are contained in one area eg where your bark is, you could remove it all, which would remove what they are feeding on.

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Thanks both of you.


Yes, Mundia, all the mushrooms are on the bark area I think. It's too big to remove it all, but I will look at the conditions in the areas they grow and see if I can do anything to change the amount of light etc.


Thanks again.

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