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Outdoors or indoors? Renew some of your board games? Difficult to think as it's an area where you can use just about everything in the setting! How about putting together some maths home learning bags - I know that there have been some recent threads on here.

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Either. I agree numeracy everywhere.... But need something concrete to 'prove' we are doing what we do on an everyday basis to justify the EYPP .... Which given the choice, I don't really want! Home bags seem a good choice, thanks.

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I bought 10 padlocks (cheap ones) and numbered them 1-10 then attached a numbered keyring to the corresponding key. The boys really enjoy this activity and is good for number recognition. (We put a bead on each padlock which they take of when they have successfully undone it)

I recently went on some maths training and took some photos of the activities, I will see if I can work out how to transfer them from phone to tablet so that I can post them.

One activity was some lovely small cuddly toys with a number label on them and the children had to count out the correct number of coins for the animal they wanted to buy.

One was a bowl filled with red lentils and a lovely little scoop, there was then some really nice cups. The idea was to roll a dice and fill the cup with the corresponding amount of scoops.

I will dig out the training sheet and see if I can post the photo's.

I know this is all cheap activities but might just give some ideas.

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You might want to have a look at the work being done by NCB on early maths.. through their 'making maths real' ( based on the original REAL work.. Raising Achievement in Early Literacy)

This demonstrates work done with parents to support their children's maths and a fairly straightforward before/after questions to show progress. You can find this here.




Or' do you have any training locally that you or staff can attend which might give you some more inspiring ideas?


Or you could audit the maths that goes on in every area..looking at resources, opportunities for counting, use of mathematical language etc, and see if there are any areas you could improve upon.


Let us know what you decide.

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