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Extending Nursery from 26 FT to 52FT places


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Hi everyone


I am working in a school based nursery where we currently have 26 AM and 26 PM children. Due to the looming legislation of offering 30 hours childcare a week, we are looking to extend our nursery to incorporate 52 full time children, We are very lucky in that we have the space to do this but obviously lots of other things to think about.


What would be the ratio? 1:13 if we include teachers with QTS?

How do other nurseries manage lunch times? What is the staff ratio for this?


Has anyone had experience of doubling the size of their nursery?


Is anyone in the London area that would be happy for me to visit and discuss?!


Thank you



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Have you calculated how many parents will qualify for the 30 hours? I've just read the criteria on the PLA website announced today in the spending review. Although I'm no clearer now.


Parents supply packed lunches for our full day children and I know local school nurseries are the same. Yes the ratio would be 1 to 13 when the Qts is working with the children.

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Does QTS come with some sort of SuperPower then?? 52 children aged 3/4 and 4 staff.?? Good luck with that...and I cannot imagine how lunchtime would be!

Sorry don't mean to be rude but really don't think those kind of ratios are what caring for children is all about - just think its a money making option! Mr G will be pleased with you though!

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I think in that size of unit you are looking at establishing two classes aren't you, i.e. 2 x 26 in each class group for each session which would be 2 x QTS and 2 x level 3 plus as a minimum???


And yes teachers are superhuman and able to meet the needs of all children at all times. Apparently.



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