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To be honest, we had interactive whiteboards many years ago and they were okay but need projector and laptop all linking up. We have replaced them all now with large interactive touchscreen computers which the staff find a lot easier to manage. Funnily enough, the computers cost less, in 2015, than our first whiteboards cost in 2004!

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I looked into this for a good while and as GFCCCC has we went with touchscreen computer.

I got one for £450 22", I then bought a floor stand for wall mounting LCD and added wheels so it's moveable. I position it so children have to stand up to it.

I used our EYPP to buy it, if I could have I would have wall mounted it but we are pack away.

Sorry not what you need in terms of answers, but I just couldn't find what I wanted in terms of interactive boards. Bulbs and pen replacements were high too for them x

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Foreveryoung... any chance of posting a photo of your touchscreen set up please?

I'll grab one tomorrow, it's not amazing just a screen on a stand lol. With added bonus of my DIY skills happening underneath !

I didn't want it on table top as if they pulled it forward it could cause harm and also smash screen.

I found one touchscreen computer that had wall mountable option which meant I had to get a smaller screen than I wanted, was looking more at 26 / 32 inch but it's plenty big enough for more than one child to encourage social aspects.

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This is a good website to visit to look for ideas.. some really nice touchscreen tech!


Also just found this one.. yes they can be expensive but wouldn't they be amazing :unsure:




If you are feeling brave or have contacts abroad lol you could get a slightly cheaper bit of tech from here..



Not sure on the quality however!

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Sorry for delay kept forgetting.

I tried to get out of picture lol, ignore the carrier bag hung on back it has keyboard in when we pack it away. The screen moves right up and down the pole, also tilts. I built a wooden frame under base and attached wheels two with wheel lock on.

The cables run through the silver tube. It's essentially an lcd home TV stand. I got it off a pre used site for £25 bargain!!!


The computer is very robust, it is out for free play. We initially introduced the computer it's programs and the rules over a week during group times. We was very clear I.e. If you hit the computer you will have to play somewhere else etc etc the children knew what our expectations where before it was left out and also what programmes were on their and how to play them.


Only thing is I wish the little monkeys didn't have such mucky fingers ?

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