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We had an email about this from our LA, deleted it now as couldn't be bothered with it, but sure it had a ink to a consultation on it (yes another one!!!) They were saying that the proposal was for an inspection to take place over 5 days for the whole local Authority and that a selection of high schools, primary's and early years settings would be visited. Think the rating will be given for an area, not on individual settings.

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Exactly what I was thinking. We do our damned hardest with what we have, which is precisely nothing! And now they want to inspect us on that too? Seriously had enough now :(

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Having had chance to read the document, Pebbles is correct in that this will be an inspection of the range of services in an area and not individual gradings or inspection of settings. They are suggesting that they would visit a range of settings, not yet clear how many or how it would be agreed which ones, but it does say they would take into account Ofsted findings. I would perhaps suggest that they might select settings at either end if the scale for meeting the needs of the children that attend..ie what are outstanding settings doing and what are inadequate/requires improvement settings doing. Of course I am guessing, maybe they will pick names out of a hat?

I think detail will follow in due course.


As ever though if you have a view, have a voice. It closes on January 5th so a little longer than we often get.

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