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I have a meeting on Thursday evening with our LA where they want to discuss using the Kent tracker.

I know a few of you on here are from Kent, what do you think of it? We use Tapestry so am a bit dubious about it. Can they work together? Do they need to?

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i saw the up-dated Kent tracker a couple of weeks ago, apparently they have ironed out some of the problems which it had previously it's based on excell, seemed simple enough to use when the information was inputted properly.


I should think if you are using Tapestry successfully that would be enough.


They made quite a bit about how individual children's records could be brought up for each area and how the colour coding was easy to read showing where there were gaps in learning or where Key Person input was either good or not good and supervisions could be held to improve key person performance.


Main screen had so much information on it, it was like somebody showing off just how much they can do! But if you like that kind of thing I suppose it was impressive.

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