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Ofsted - another visit and I was on holiday :(

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Never have I crashed back to reality after 2 lovely weeks away with the family so quickly. Barely unpacked and my deputy could hold the news no longer, Ofsted had visited us again, 4th time in 2 years. We are only running holiday club for 2 days a week but the Inspector called by 'just in case'!

She only stayed an hour but bombarded my deputy with questions. She has asked that I ring her on Monday and send some paperwork my deputy couldn't find in her panic.

I am worried as the inspector was not happy that we didn't have allocated keypersons for the 8 children in attendance and don't do observations etc. We only open to help our working parents but I will be seriously reconsidering bothering in the future.

Does anyone know if this would be classed as a full inspection?

My other problem is the deputies daughter was covering for absent staff and although she has previously done work experience with us I had not 'interviewed' etc. She covered at short notice so there wasn't time to interview etc and I already know her.


Any guidance would be appreciated, really am at my wits end.

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oh honeytg , I feel for you - just trying to help out working parents.

I can't really help you with your questions as I have never done a holiday club -and never will after reading this.

Lets hope that everything gets sorted fro you -perhaps someone who does a holiday club will come along and help you

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Hi thought I would respond to say that i have noticed on Ofsted reports comments about after school and holiday clubs not doing oobservations however section 3.40 of the framework of sept ²014 states that the learning and development requirements do not have to be done by this type of provision. Fu4ther clarification on page 34 of the framework for children younger than reception.This was also querie on a oosc forum and have attached the link as you may find helpful ( administration please delete if not allowed



Do your 8 children not have a key person whilst attending your pre-school? In which case they do have one and to expect every key person to be in attendance during holidays would be ridiculous.

Sure there is also something about emergency staffing too.was she dbs checked...whilst work experience did you do an induction.

Hope things work out for you.

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Thank you all, some of the children are from the local school, siblings of children who come to us but all other children have keypersons during 'normal' sessions. My understanding is that if they are at school we don't need to follow the EYFS. Marley that link is very useful thank you. My only confusion is as we are still running under our setting name and registration are we 'exclusively in the school holidays'? Although parents are clear we are only offering holiday care.

The cover had had the checks done when she came for work experience with full induction and completed a 'Suitability to work' declaration before covering, same as I ask al staff to do annually. Plus her mum completes the form confirming that nobody in the household has any conviction etc.

It is so frustrating that I was not there, hopefully when I speak to the Inspector on Monday will be able to clarify things, so frightened it could all come crashing down around me.

All stems from a disgruntled parent who had an issue with one member of staff-contacted Ofsted when her daughter only had 2 sessions left with use before leaving for school. In my complaints log I recorded that the parent asked me to guarantee the child would have no contact with the member of staff, I said the only way I could guarantee that was for the child to be withdrawn, we are small setting with only 5 members of staff. Inspector apparently not happy with this either !!

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They were adamant that as we were running the holiday club under our normal registration we have to have keypersons etc. (we won't be running another holiday club). It was not a full inspection, but we have a few 'actions', main one being DBS checks even for temporary staff who are not left alone. I have responded saying we won't be running another holiday club.

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[...] DBS checks even for temporary staff who are not left alone. [...]

"Providers must not allow people whose suitability has not been checked, including through a criminal records check, to have unsupervised contact with children being cared for."

This must mean that providers can allow people whose suitability has not been checked to have supervised contact with children.

I've been told by Ofsted that it is OK to have unchecked temporary staff helping out in an emergency, as long as they are not left alone with any child or children.

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