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Hello all,

Just need some professional advice as not sure if I'm being fussy.

I have taken over managing a preschool (committee run) and have spent the week organising and clearing etc.

However I have realised that the old manager and another member of staff who has also left in July, (they were best friends) has removed all documents relating to their existence at the preschool. Things like contracts / appraisals / letters of resignation, application form copy of certificates etc. are not in the ex staff filing cabinet. The only papers left in total from the two files are:- 1 exit interview, 1 appraisal, both signed safeguarding suitability forms, 1 peer observation. (They have been with the setting for over 10 years).


What do I do! Its very odd as they never throw anything away so I think its been removed to make a point! I want to inform the committee as I feel this needs to be logged as missing information. But the atmosphere in the setting was very strained before the end of term and I don't want to upset anyone but I do think something needs to be recorded.


Please advise (feeling sensitive and taking it all personally at the moment)


Also can anyone let me know what paper documents exactly do I need to keep as I really want to downsize all paperwork and am thinking of scanning things like old registers, committee meeting notes etc that go back years and years and years!


Thank you

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Interesting. I would have thought that the documentation belongs to the committee, as the employer, so they had no right to 'remove' - if it was ever completed??? Think we had details from LA and PLA on how long to keep different records (can't remember off the top of my head). Good luck!

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I'm committee run and although they never ask to see anything I get them to at least countersign any manager/staff paperwork - so yes I would inform the chair.

You could perhaps write a list of paperwork you do have and then list any missing things and get them to sign the list - just tell them you want to acknowledge the starting point of you taking over.

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Hi Silvermist,

like everyone else i think you need to let the chair of your committee know.

re the other stuff the psla list how long you need to keep certain documents - also speak to a person at your nursery education funding as they will let you know how long to keep registers and whether you can scan them -we did ask about scanning them but there were lots of other things we would need to do if we wanted to do this so decided against it -your la might be ok though. I think we have to keep registers for six years but not a definite

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