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Ofsted - Informing changes of Committee


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Can anyone help? - We have been told that we need to inform Ofsted of changes to our committee by telephone or by use of EY3 form can anyone tell me if this is an Ofsted requirement and if so where I can find it?? I've looked on the Evaluation Schedule, Conducting Early Years Inspections and various other Ofsted guidance but can't seem to find it anywhere - unless there has been an update to guidance??


Many thanks

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Of top of my head it's in 'notifying Ofsted' bit to changes in managmemt.

Yes you must do this every time, failure to do so could cause RI, however ofsted carn't see the wood for the trees and even if you phone and do an online EY3 they still don't soding listen, so leave a few weeks then phone to check it's been changed as per on the database, keep doing this till it's right.


Just looked end of 3.77 xx

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Thanks foreveryoung,

I must have missed this trawling through all of the ofsted guidance! - easy to miss tho as it doesn't really make it that clear!!

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