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observation problem solving

Guest emz_m1

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Guest emz_m1

Hi all!


As Easter is coming to an end, school is now back on my mind. I have an observation second week back with the head. She is looking for problem solving and my mind is blank!!!

I have a mixed Nursery / Reception class and topic is minibeasts.


I was thinking along the lines of focusing on the story 'Hungry Caterpillar' and using the puppet as a hook, presenting the problems but that is all I have.


Any ideas??


Thanks in advance

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Could they make cocoons with a selection of tools and materials. How are they going to produce the shape of a cocoon.

Days of the week on laminated card for sorting and sequencing.

All the foods he eats, to group together, how many in total for each group and to extend a total overall.

Make a butterfly painting with a range of colour paints, string, brushes etc, lots of opportunities to mix colours, make new colours.

Go on a hungry caterpillar treasure type hunt in small groups. Have a picture of the caterpillar and underneath all the foods he eats. Hide the separate laminated food shapes around.

Once completed bring them all back in to sort and match.

Not sure if any of this is any use or what your looking for.

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What's the core learning you want to take place? Your activity will depend on that and once defined will make your activity stronger. Otherwise it can end up as random "doing" linked to a book rather than learning.


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