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Tax code changes for 2015-16


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Aaaaargh...same as last year download new RTI programme..for wages...and NO new tax codes incorporated,and no notices of the change from 1000LTO 106OL.hould I have to search thru all the HMRC pages to find them...Have any of you received notification yet of the new tax codes ? Thanks...need by first new year payday Fri 10th April......

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I only get tax code notifications if they are different than the annual change via my HMRC PAYE account. Also if you have under 21s on your staff team their NI letter will change as well as you don't have to pay employer NICs for under 21s from today. If your payroll package hasn't automatically changed this you will have to do it manually!

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Not sure how this will affect anyone either ? It's from the 'iris' website which also has info about new tax code letters.



Employees ability to transfer tax allowance


Married couples and civil partners could transfer up to £1,060 of the spouse’s (or civil partner’s) personal allowance to their spouse/civil partner if they are not liable to income tax above the basic rate. HMRC intend to issue 2 new tax code suffix letters to cater for the transfer, M or N. HMRC plans to target potential employees who might benefit from transferring their tax allowance for them to register their interest. Then, from April 2015, HMRC plans to approach those registered employees and invite them to apply.

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OMG Payroll - this really is not a job for me. I am in a complete muddle with my EPS but that's another story.


I had notification by letter of new tax code for one member of staff. The other two were amended automatically by software - SAGE to reflect annual increase it said.

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