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EYITT and salary expectations


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Hello, I am looking for some advice for myself and my employers. I am going to apply for the EYITT in September. Now if successful the setting will receive £7000 to enhance my salary and to cover training and staff costs.

What salary expectation should I have???

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I can't help you re salary expectation but I know that, at my local Uni candidates on the 'employment route' have to be released from their own setting for placements elsewhere. Part of the £7000 has to cover the cost of release for this i.e. back fill for their own setting.

Good luck with the course.

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me too Catma!

Pickles, can you negotiate this with your employer? The salary range in the PVI sector is massive, so there isn't an agreed 'expected' pay rise due to extra qualifications. Have you something in your policies and procedures that indicate salary increments for additional qualifications?

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We used to pay for the role that had been applied for, and while many could be higher qualified it did not automatically get any pay increase because of it.

Any money that came in because of someone undergoing further training tended to be used on cover staff / their wages for when they had to be out of the setting, and if there was any left we would buy books needed for study that could be used by all staff. or other costs involved in the training.


Occasionally a small wage enhancement was possible but as it was only for the duration of the training did not actually remain once it had been completed.. We tended to class it as help with travel expenses as training was often at a Uni over an hour away

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When I done my degree, the cover money was used to pay for someone to cover me whilst out and for travel/books etc needed to buy for the course. It wasn't anything near the £7K mark though, that is one hell of a cover fund!! Is that for the whole 4 years training from foundation to EYTS?

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