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They are probably having a relaxed time without anyone looking over their shoulder. I make a habit of keep coming back in the room and saying if something's not right.


But at the end of the day just ignore it and carry on as normal or train someone else on the paperwork.

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I think there are times when you have to accept as manager/leader you may not always 'fit' into the one of the crowd group because of you position but it doesn't always mean they don't like you or that there is a problem. I would do what your doing! or be a devil and just walk in and out for the fun of it when you are bored :P

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I have been spending a lot more time out of the room doing admin and I have found my staff have become very cliquey and are making me feel very unwelcome .Has anybody come across this before and how did you handle it?

I would be tempted to see if one of them would like to take on some of the admin - I know where i would rather be - with the children! :1b

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