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Just Playing Poem by Anita Wadley

Just Playing

When I am building in the block room,

Please dont say Im Just Playing.

For, you see, Im learning as I play,

About balance and shapes.

Who knows, I may be an an architect someday.

When I am getting all dressed up,

Setting the table, caring for the babies,

Dont get the idea Im Just Playing.

For, you see, Im learning as I play.

Im expressing myself and being creative.

I may be an artist or an inventor someday.

When you see me sitting in a chair

Reading to an imaginary audience,

Please dont laugh and think Im Just Playing.

For, you see, Im learning as I play.

I may be a teacher someday.

When you see me combing the bushes for bugs,

Or packing my pockets with choice things I find,

Dont pass it off as Just Play.

For, you see, Im learning as I play.

I may be a scientist someday.

When you see me engrossed in a puzzle or some

plaything at my school,

Please dont feel that time is wasted in Play.

For, you see, Im learning as I play.

Im learning to solve problems and concentrate.

I may be in business some day.

When you see me cooking or tasting foods,

Please dont think that because I enjoy it, it is Just Play.

For, you see, Im learning as I play.

Im learning to follow directions and see differences.

I may be a cook someday.

When you see me learning to skip, hop, run, and move my body,

Please dont say Im Just Playing.

For, you see, Im learning as I play.

Im learning how my body works.

I may be a doctor, nurse, or athlete someday.

When you ask me what Ive done at school today,

And I say, I Just played.

Please dont misunderstand me.

For, you see, Im learning as I play.

Im learning to enjoy and be successful at my work,

Im preparing for tomorrow.

Today, I am a child and my work is play.

Anita Wadley

is this one any good?

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What Did You Do Today?

When children come home at the end of the day,

The question they're asked as they scurry to play

is, "Tell me what you did today?"

And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay.

"Nothing, I did nothing today!"

Perhaps nothing means that I played with blocks,

Or counted to ten, or sorted some rocks.

Maybe I painted a picture of red and blue

Or heard a story of a mouse that flew.

Maybe I watched to gerbils eat today,

Or went outside on the swings to play.

Maybe today was the very first time

That my scissors followed a very straight line.

Maybe I lead a song from beginning to end,

Or played with a special brand new friend.

When you're in preschool and your heart has wings,

"Nothing" can mean so many things!!

There's Nothing in My Bag Today

Today I did my math and science,

I toasted bread.

I halved and quartered.

I counted, measured, used my eyes and ears and head.

I added and subtracted on the way,

I used a magnet, blocks and memory tray.

I learned about a rainbow and how to weigh.

So please don't say, "Anything in your bag today?'

You see I'm sharing as I play.

I learned to listen and speak clearly when I talk,

To wait my turn, and when inside to walk.

To put my thoughts into a phrase,

To guide a crayon through a maze.

To find my name and write it down,

To do it with a smile and not a frown.

To put my pasting brush away,

So please don't say, "What, nothing in your bag today?"

I've learned about a snail and a worm,

Remembering how to take my turn.

Helped a friend when he was stuck,

Learned that water runs off a duck.

I looked at words from left to right,

Agreed to differ, not to fight.

So please don't say,

"Did you only play today?"

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This is the one we have on our website and unfortunately we have had to give it out to parents before after hearing those exact words......

Why does my child never do anything at pre-school?
At midday by the Pre-School door,
Having rushed around to finish the last chore,
How many times have you heard yourself say?
“Oh I do hope my child has done something today.
He just runs around and messes about
And never seems to notice the painting is out.
I wish I had a child who would make things too
But the Pre-School don’t make him sit down and glue.
My niece brings home cardboard box models each day,
While mine come home messy all covered in clay.
Last week he’d played pirates and hid in a den,
The model that day was a beautiful hen!”
But how does a child bring home in his hand
The pleasure he felt today playing with sand?
Has he asked you to share the wonder he felt
As he watched some ice cubes gradually melt?
The excitement of sailing the climbing frame boat,
The achievement of fastening the buttons on his coat?
Did he tell you he washed up after eating his tea?
Expertly prepared by his friend who is three.
He gave me a cuddle around story time
And was keen to join in when we learned a new rhyme.
He pummelled and prodded and pounded the dough
Then he showed he could walk round the room on tip toe.
He persevered to finish a puzzle, quite hard,
So he hasn’t had time to make you a card.
He came over and watched some children sew
And thought perhaps next time he’d have a go.
His experiences gained were richer by far
Than tissue paper flowers in a yoghurt pot jar.
A child can learn from cutting and sticking
(But not if all he does is the licking)
And adults resist the temptation to say
“No! Not like that. Do it this way”
When your child is cutting and gluing
It’s not the result that matters but DOING.
So next time, don’t ask your child to explain
Why he’s not done a painting or model again.
And when you pick him up, please try not to say
“Haven’t you DONE anything at Pre-School today?”
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There's one that ends something like 'I quickly did you a painting 'cos I knew you would say - what did you do at nursery today' or something like that

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What did you do at nursery today, darling?

“Well I sat at the dough table and I rolled the dough in my hands. Lucy said hers was a snake but mine, mine was a worm.

The lady talked about long ones and short ones, the fat ones and the thin ones, and mummy Sarah rolled her dough so long it went right over the end of the table.”

(And nobody said, 'What are you going to make? – a cake would be nice')


Yes but what did you do?

“I played on the climbing frame, and do you know mummy, I can climb to the very top step”

Yes but did you do anything today?

Sara and me went to the paint table. It was lovely, all gooey and slippery on our hands. We made lots of patterns with our fingers and elbows. Sarah had yellow paint and I had red and Mummy, do you know what, if you mix red paints and yellow paint it goes ORANGE! (And nobody said, 'What a mess you've made')


Yes, but what else have you done?

At milk time a big boy pushed me over and I bumped my head. The lady picked me up and loved me better and the boy even said sorry!


Yes but what else have you done?

“At milk time it was it was my turn to pour out the milk and give the apples out.”


And then did you do anything?

The lady sang a new song and I can remember it, it was about your fingers, thumbs and toes.


But, did you do anything today?

I made a lovely traily pattern in the sand and then Sara and me had a race to see who could put the sand in the sand-wheel quickest


But then did you do anything?

“At story time I was so tired so I sat on the lady’s lap and the story was about a caterpillar-and do you know mummy, that caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies!


So did you do anything today?

“We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Nicholas and counted the candles on his cake.”


But did you do anything today?

Yes, when the lady said it was time to tidy up I quickly painted you a picture cos I knew you would say,


“What did you do at nursery today?”

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