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In regards to evacuation we will be making a human chain down the stairs. freeflow for 2+ yr olds would be more ideal than for babies who have varying sleep routines.....

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I would go for upstairs.. babies are easy to pick up and carry more than one at a time and ratios being higher would be easier to evacuate ,

older ones would benefit from being able to use outside more

go with whatever works best for your children and staff..

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I'm with upstairs dependant on fire-risk assessment. As others have said in a real emergency-at a push you could grab three babies.

Also to be honest I think its easier to get babies downstairs quickly, than trying to 'heard' 2-5 years olds down.

Benefits of free flow for downstairs age group.

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try picking up three babies, when it isn't a 'push'..............and maybe when all three of them are crying because you've woken them up, or they're hungry, or were playing happily. I don't honestly think there is any safe way to carry three babies down a set of steps.............or even on level ground. Difficult though, because you can see the advantages to having all of the children on the ground floor...........................and equally to having babies upstairs. You will find a solution that suits you best even if it isn't exactly what you'd like in an ideal world

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