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Money question - full day care


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I'm looking at changing the way I charge to help me to recoup some of the money I lose due to 3/4 yr old funding. (funding pays £3.80 per hour, but my costs are £4.15 per hour)


If you wouldn't mind me being nosy, can you please tell me what you charge and how (ie: by the hour, the sessions, the day, the week, separately for food) and also the area you're in.


Thanks for any responses - gratefully received!

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We charge £10 for a three hour session, this is about to go up to £10.50 after Easter.


We don't provide lunch the children bring in lunch boxes.


We offer a £4.50 per hour charge to try and put folks off.... for them to see a session works out cheaper and it helps us staff the sessions better!

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Our funding is £4.23 per hour but we charge £4.50 for extra hours due to the costs in collecting it. Invoice, parents lose it, reprint invoice, chase for money, pay cheque, go to bank to pay in, list on accounts and so on. it's far easier to get a lump sum paid by bacs from the council but that's if the parents return their grant form..........



We are a preschool.

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We are a Pre-School in a suffolk village. We charge £3.60 a hour the same as our funding from Suffolk County Council. We work in sesions so Am - 9-12 lunch club 12-1pm and afternoon 1-3pm - funded children have to take 12-3pm as we have to offer a minimum of 2 and half hours for funding, but if a child pays they can just take 1-3pm if required. We also offer after school and breakfast club which is charged at £3.60 per hour. The children bring a packed lunch to lunch club.

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We charge for sessions rather than hourly. The session is then split into childcare and food. For example:


10hr Session £37.00 - Food charged @ £3.50 a day and Childcare charged @ £3.35 an hour

The parent gets the Childcare part of the session free per hour - £3.35


We actually receive more per hour in funding than we charge hourly so we do not lose money thank goodness

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