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You mean something you should allow your staff to have, or something you personally should have?


Over the years my staff have had various piercings, in fact my Deputy in the early years of my preschool had three or four piercings in each ear, nose, bottom lip and I think eyebrow. She was aware that the safety of these was down to herself, and didn't wear large hoops or things that could easily catch. I was ok with it (not my personal choice) as long as she understood that any injury arising from them was at her own risk.


Edit to say that the multiple piercings were in her earlobes! Individual ones everywhere else!

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Given this one a little thought before replying.

I think the same as Cait as long as she recognises that any piercings whereever have no impact on her working contract then it's up to them.

Could this be something you discuss and she signs at her supervision.

Not my thing, but individuality and all that.:)

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We had this as a case study on a management course once, along with tattoos. It didn't half cause some heated discussions!!

There was very much a 50/50 split the younger managers were far more 'tolerant' than the older ones!

The tutor just said that you had to have a policy that you believed in and stick to it - I didn't find that at all helpful as a more mature person I'm finding the whole culture hard to get my head around but not sure if it wouldn't seem as discrimination?

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