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Where to advertise for staff?

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Hello, can anyone help us with ideas on where to advertise for staff please? We have been looking for suitable candidates all term and have advertised with Reed, Indeed, Gumtree and local selling sites on Facebook. Most of the applicants don't seem to be genuinely interested in the job or else ones that do have let us down. We have part-time and full-time vacancies and have tried to be more flexible by offering a job share too. We have only had a handful of applicants for the full-time position. When we finally found someone and they accepted the job, they let us down the night before they were due to start, for a two day apprenticeship instead! We have a waiting list and it's embarrassing to say that we can't take their child yet because we still haven't found staff. Any ideas or help gratefully received! Thank you.

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We struggled last year but had 6 candidates this year.

We put the advert in our newsletter, on our facebook page and in the local primary schools newsletter.

Tried the job centre but never again, candidates were really unsuitable but as they have to apply for so many jobs or face sanctions I just wrote back I wished them luck but to tell their advisers they'd advised wrongly.

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This is where we have advertised in the past


Children's Centre (although ours has since disappeared!)

Local Primary schools

Village Shop

Lamp post outside our setting!

Current parents

LEA (no longer will do it)

Local Newspaper

I'm with Rea reference the Job Centre - I've used them twice but never again the candidates they send just aren't suitable oh the stories! xD It is getting more and more difficult to recruit these days.

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Thank you everyone! It looks as though we have to get more creative nowadays to attract good candidates. We have advertised with the job centre in the past too Rea and Thumperrabbit - and like yourselves, we won't again! Our LEA used to advertise job but have stopped since being taken over by Capita - real pity. I think we'll try the local schools and paper as suggested. Thanks again.

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I work for a local college training level 3 staff and we sometimes have settings asking of we can advertise for staff for them. During the year it might not attract many applicants as most students complete at the end of summer, but we do have a roll-on, roll-off part time programme for mature students, so sometimes it yields results.

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Guest youngrisers

we advertise at local collage for students level 3 and above and locally, found word of mouth the best way though agree that we would never try job centre plus again nightmare as they sent some folks who had never worked in childcare or had relevant qualifications.

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