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A 'Quality' setting?


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I would say the interaction between staff and children and the children's interaction with each other as well as the staff are hugely important.

Also the activities, materials, learning opportunities that are on offer to the children are high on the list.

Health and safety routines and welfare of the children is paramount for a quality setting.

Also the the adult-child ratio, and the education and training of the teachers and staff.

Well, that is what I am aiming for anyway!

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A place that inspires me, a place that I walk away from feeling like I have just learned something new, feeling refreshed in my view of an early years setting..... I want to feel challenged in my pedagogical understanding when I go to a setting, to get into some sort of quandry and disequilibrium about what I see, to be thirsty for understanding and knowledge again...I guess I am looking for INSPIRATION in a setting and that to me is quality....same old, same old doesnt cut it..... :)

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