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Ok I'm stuck, looking for some out of the box ideas and I know you are all good at that !

We are in a church hall, the outdoor courtyard is accessed free flow through the session which is a direct door from our side room which is carpeted to the courtyard. Outside we have a play house, box's of various things, one table to have whatever on and chalk board and white board, also here's my problem we have a large wooden trough with a table at the side to make up our fantastic mud kitchen! But with the weather the concrete floor is mucky with the mud no matter how much you scrub it down the drain, the children are bringing such muddy prints inside that we are in for a serious telling off by the church ! Asking children at this age to take their shoes off is just impractical as a 2 year old may go inside and change there mind literally 2 mins later.

Does anyone have any ideas of what we can put in our trough to replicate the mud kitchen ? Ps we carnt have food products such as oats due to vermin as it's at the back of a cafe it lends itself to the lovely creatures.

The children love the kitchen, I do too but it's getting beyond practical !

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