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Has any one been told what the pupil premium will be, come next April? We have, 53p an hour per eligible child. Not sure how much of a 'difference' we can make with that! Silly of me but was assuming they're might have been sufficient coffers to employ an extra..voice and pair of hands! Seems it will be a resource then....? Any suggestions?

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I read it was £300 per year per child who is eligible. That is supposed to "close the gap"!! What can you do with 53p per hour??!! I am not sure what resources will be of use, so I will be following this with interest.

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Mmmm...A lottery ticket??


well actually just got my calculator out and it does equate to £300+ assuming they attend for 15hours. However on a weekly basis (budget) just £7.95. So still no chance of the extra body.....How best to use it???

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None of my children (I don't think)will qualify so yet again nothing for us

Its a bit like the deprivation supplement I think - you won't (supposedly) know who is getting it until you get paid - how you are then meant to budget to support these children (that you don't know who they are) I don't know and if it is paid in the funding terms final payment will they actually benefit - especially if it is at the end of the summer term and they go off to school.

Why not just pay a much more realistic base rate so that we can support all children or is that too simple :rolleyes:

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In school we know exactly who the children are - the LA tell us and keep us updated with any changes because, of course, family circumstances change all the time.

Once a child is registered they remain in receipt of the extra funding for 6 years, regardless of changes in the family circumstances, so I really hope that applies to the EY pupil premium too, otherwise you are in an administrative nightmare.

It's not mega-bucks, but it does allow us, for example, to buy chubbier pencils (we splashed out on some really expensive but durable and easy to use ones) to support one PPF eligible child who was having greater difficulty than the other children in mark-making.

And that seems to be the nub of it - know who your eligilble children are, assess them as you would anyone else, identify any areas to develop and use the money to address it, either by buying special equipment or giving specific staff time, eg Jane spends 5 minutes each day working with me to develop her knowledge of what things are called, and this time is allocated to PPF in the budget. Then assess again as you would any way and show that the measures you have put in place have accelerated that child's progress and thus 'closed the gap'.

I keep separate records for the PPF eligilble children in my year group, and a close eye on their progress.

Of course the pencils are not kept in a special drawer for use with just that child, and other children who need language development work with me too so the money does benefit all children. There was one time when one PFF eligble child had a strong interest in birds, so I was able to buy a bird-hide so he could share his interest with others - then tracked his PHSE and Characteristics to show the shy introvert come to life - a rare 'golden moment' especially as bird-watch over the years has totalled two pigeons and a pied wag tail in our school ground!

We also use it to enrich experiences - so can subsidise an after-school club - this needs to be done carefully as playground chatter can lead to all sorts of complications!!

I hope the EYPPF will work as it does for school - it works best when you have enough eligible children to make a difference to staffing, even if it's only for one day a week, but there are other ways of using the funds too.

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Our deprivation funding works much the same way. Actually I have no idea how it is worked out at all. At the beginning of each term we receive an estimated half of our funding- then after the half term we receive the rest (adjusted accordingly to what we have applied for) this also gives us a list of children and how much they get. Any deprivation funding is listed within the amount they have i.e 8 pence extra per hour. However its such a small amount sometimes as little as 16 pence per hour for all of them and given so late so near the end of term really that it's of no use to anyone. This term surprisingly we have more children receiving it then ever before but it seems to me that the whole thing needs a shake up- children who really dont need it and certainly are not deprived in any way get it. Children who we know are struggling dont get it- all down to a lottery postcode.

Near me is a block of flats owned by a housing trust we have two parents who live there, with different post codes. One got it the other didnt. I do hope the way they assess will change and it yes would be nice to know who gets it before we get it.

As someone has said- how we are supposed to plan to use it when this term it was around £16 for the term and last term was just a couple of pounds!

It is very difficult for us to know who our eligible children are under these circumstances

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